IRATA Trainers

All of High Q UK’s lead instructors are IRATA Level 3I. This means that they are experienced in IRATA training and have been through a process to verify their competence. All of our instructors also remain active operationally, ensuring that they keep in touch with the practical application of techniques and can relate this to the training courses.

Karl Raby first conducted IRATA training in 1997, and has been an IRATA assessor since 1999. He has been involved as course developer and trainer for those IRATA assessors appointed since 2005.

Craig Shaw has been an active Level 3 working in the oil industry since 1994 and has been delivering IRATA training since 2008. Most recently Craig became an IRATA Assessor in 2014.

When not training, Craig is an in-field Project Manager for High Q running high value contracts throughout Europe and the Middle East.


Marcus Raby has been an active Level 3 working in the oil industry since 1996 and has been an IRATA Assessor since 2007.  Marcus brings both operational expertise and Rope Access management experience.

When not training, Marcus is an in-field project manager for High Q working in the North Sea.

Marcus work photo


Steve Raby has worked as a Level 2 assistant trainer at High Q since 2007.  Steve coordinates all aspects of High Q’s training courses.

Steve at work